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Top Options for Local Delivery Service in Nanaimo

The best option for local delivery service in Nanaimo depends on your particular needs. There are those who are not overly concerned about how quickly something is delivered. These people have a few different options for delivery. However, if you want something delivered at a certain time, or you are concerned about the security of your package, a courier service is your best option. There are several reasons why these delivery professionals are the best choice for those who have specific delivery needs.

Pickup and delivery

You have the ability to schedule pick up in Nanaimo for a time that is convenient for you. You can also schedule the delivery for a time that works for the recipient. That means no more waiting around to have packages picked up or dropped off.

Variety of services

  • The fastest delivery option is called Hot Shot. If something is extremely time sensitive, this service will get it there in the shortest time.

  • Same-day service is perfect for those times when you need something delivered on the same day you made the order, but not by a specific time. This service is for Nanaimo and nearby areas.

  • Overnight service gets your packages where they need to be overnight.

  • Whether you need something delivered urgently, or you are in need of a general delivery, your packages will get where you need them to be in good time.


Drivers and delivery staff are insured and bonded. This means that your items are safe and secure with COHO. You never have to worry about damaged or missing items when you trust them to your courier.


If you are looking for a reliable delivery option, a courier service is the best choice. They are known for being reliable and courteous. Their whole business is based on meeting your needs. Without reliability, they would be just another delivery service.

When you have clients waiting for deliveries, it is important that they get there on time. Your company's reputation and good name depend on the delivery service that you use. You need results, not excuses, and that is what you get with us. Do not take chances with your deliveries. You could end up losing a client. It has happened to many companies before and it can happen to you too if you are not careful about who you trust to do your deliveries. You deserve a company that will work hard for you.

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